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26/04/2014 – Rudra Homa

Nithyanandam , As Swamiji said, all Bala Sanths completed the whole day and restored the space of advaita. Yesterday in the evening, all the Bala Sanths went to temple for participating in the homa...

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  A beautiful Shiva deity done by Bala Santh Ma Nithya Maheshwarananda

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Kids get it!

- A Sharing & testimonial by Ma Tetyana Lytviak, Canada As a mother, I’ve always felt that it was my responsibility to help my children know that they are amazing beings and that they...

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Space of a Child

Article adapted from:, dated 12th April, 2013 – a testimonial & sharing by Ma Nithya Durgananda Two weeks ago, I attended a mind-blowing Parenting program called “Space of a Child” conducted by the Head of Enlightening Education, Ma...

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Power of Four Tattvas

We all want to be idyllic and happy, don’t we? Well, there’s a simple way to attain this state. Paramahamsa Nithyananda has introduced four powers; four extraordinary powers which can make us achieve more...

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Wouldn’t every child in this world want a free, happy  childhood? I’m  sure every single  child  would      want  a  childhood they would  cherish forever. However, this is not  what  the situation is...

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Album 14 January 2014

Anandeshwara and Anandeshwari dietes Paduka puja Flowers from out Rose Garden Rudra Homa Makarashankranthi

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Everything is possible

King Sudershan looked around the battlefield. The situation wasn’t very sanguine. Most of his soldiers and elephants were killed in battle, and he was on the verge of losing the war. One arrow was enough for...