Raja Vidya


" I tell you, still I have not revived completely the Indian education system. I wanted to provide a laboratory where the kids will take out the science of flying machines and assemble, create the miniatures, and demonstrate a few thousands of years before, we had flying machines."

"Few thousands of years before, we had batteries. Just with Ayurvedic herbs, Agasthya created batteries. We have all these references, all this knowledge. I wanted a laboratory and I will do it. I will do it where all the knowledge and tools required for the research and development to play with all this will be provided. Kids can playfully research all this, assemble, and demonstrate to the world. Only when I have done this, I will feel I have revived Vedic tradition. I wanted a large laboratory where all this knowledge is available by one touch to all the kids and all this technical assistance is provided for them to explore, think, analyze, assemble, and demonstrate-all this should become research projects for my Gurukul kids.”

– SPH Bhagavan Sri Nithyanand Paramashivam


“Whether incarnations like Rama or Krishna, all great Incarnations, have to go to Gurukul in Vedic tradition. You can’t say, ‘what, I am a great Incarnation why should I go to Gurukul?’ No. Even if you are consciously born, even if you are born with all the experiences and spiritual powers, you need to study the shastras (scriptures) to validate your experience.”

SPH Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam is giving every Balasanth the experience of the previous incarnations who walked the planet earth by bringing the Ancient Vedic Education to the Modern Learning era. The beautiful concept of the Ancient Vedic system is the context set behind every learning process.


“Even if you learn archery, enlightenment is the context.

If you study administration, enlightenment is the context, If you learn about business, enlightenment is the context.

If you learn to plumb, build houses, sculpting, Enlightenment is the context. Indian Education System is more of a transmission of knowledge and not a transfer of knowledge.

Indian Education System is not just giving you some information and not bothering you. It is one of the most subtle and powerful awakening systems.”

SPH Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam


A Glimpse of Vedic Age Technology

The ancient masters or seers of Vedic India were the most advanced and prodigious beings. From their enlightened minds and compassionate hearts came forth the perfect, cutting-edge Vedic technologies and inventions making extraordinary living comforts into an ordinary lifestyle. For example, in the Vedic times, it was a normal lifestyle to:

Fly in vimanas, flying machines with multi-storied flights, and in rathas, aerial chariots propelled by mantras (sound), wind, and current and lightning power. Other travel machines could go deep underwater as sub-marines and also travel on earth at super speeds.

Master the science of creating power and light through harnessing the forces of Nature and developing advanced electric batteries.

Why Reinvent the Vedic Technology?

Vedic scriptures declare that Cosmos functions on the principle of intelligence, abundance, and bliss, rooted in oneness with everything that exists. When these powers are reinvented, infinite natural resources such as the power of sound, wind, fire, light, etc. will be applied for everyday living. The irreparable damages being done to bhudevi, mother earth, depleting her natural resources such as water, fuels, forests, metals, animal species adding carbon footprints and hazardous toxic wastes will come to an end. The delicate divine balance of the cosmos with the earth, nature, and living species will be restored just as it flourished in the rich, intelligent, and peaceful Vedic era.

sa na indraḥ śivaḥ sakhaśvavad gomadvavama urudhārev dohate |

That very electric power may be our peaceful friend, providing us with horsepower to drive our machines, light to light up our houses, and power to produce grains in the fields. Let it bring on prosperity and well-being for us by flowing into numerous currents.

Atharvanaveda (1.7.3)

The Ancient Vedic Education

Gurukul is an ancient Vedic system of education

The term Gurukul is composed of two words: Guru (Master) and kul (home). In the Gurukul system of education, the pupil (shishya) resides in the Guru’s home and learns from the Guru. In a Gurukul, irrespective of the background, pupils live together as equals and help in the day to day activities of the Gurukul. The children master all 64 vidyas or types of knowledge in this course of time.

“When the Gurukul system existed, it built a strong foundation for humanity to evolve.
When the system of Gurukul was destroyed, along with it the REAL knowledge died.
Traveling to different dimensions and being immune to all the types of possible atrocious deaths the kind that Prahalada was put through, by his own father Hiranyakashipu.
As the years of evolution passed, humanity has forgotten their real potential and what their capabilities are.”

His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam

Gurukul History

Once upon a time, the Gurukul system existed as a traditional means for cultivating a powerful, intelligent and gifted society with the intention of creating a strong foundation for humanity to evolve. When the system of Gurukul was destroyed in recent centuries, the legitimate knowledge died with its destruction and its disappearance.

In the same way, traveling to different dimensions, like Nachiketa, immune to all possible brutal deaths, much like the kind that Prahalada was forced through by his demon father Hiranyakashipu, humanity has forgotten their real potential and capabilities as the years of evolution passed,

This is the significance of the Nithyananda Gurukul program as it plays a major role, resurrecting the the ancient system, in helping one to align body, mind and soul with the path of life purpose. Hence, no sign of indecisiveness, depression and other conditions affect the balasanths as they gain a tremendous state of integration and alignment.