•   Standard academics, along with Nithya Yoga, Mallakhamba (pole yoga), Kundalini Raju (Rope) yoga, Dhanur vidya (archery), Dhyana (meditation), akhada (traditional gym), veda parayana (vedic chanting), natya-natakasangeeta- shilpa-citrakala (all forms of traditional performing arts and fine arts), vakyartha sadas (spiritual discussions for life solutions), puja vidhi (worship and rituals) and life style as per the Agama Shastra.

•   Whole brain learning, stress-free, zero teen violence or aggression.

•   50% children are at 1 to 3 years ahead of their grades, giving their Class X Board Exams before 15 years.

•   35% children have IQ scores above 130 – ‘gifted’ category as per SLOSSON IQ score.

•   Quantum memory activation is rapidly moving towards recalling verbatim after a single hearing (called ekashantagrahi in the vedic age)

•   Awakening yogic powers such as communing with and commanding Nature to cause rain and rose plants to drop their thorns.

•   100% children initiated into Third Eye AwakeningSM, showing high intelligence, blindfolded reading, X-ray vision, clairvoyance and more.

•   30% children spontaneously play musical instruments without formal lessons.

•   100% children produce creative temple arts like deity making, alankar (deity decoration), planning and building children’s temples, making deity jewelry and art.

•   100% children organize and conduct their own temple rituals around the year.

•   Established schools in Bidadi, Tiruvannamalai and Chennai teaching 250 children.

•   1000s of children taught through Nithyananda Bala Vidyalayas (weekend gurukul education) worldwide.

•   India’s first-ever television show with daily spiritual debates and life solutions presented entirely by children!


Amazing World Records at the Nithyananda Gurukul