Amazing World Records at the Nithyananda Gurukul

  • Standard academics, along with Nithya Yoga, Shivastamba (Yoga on a pole), Kundalini Raju (Yoga on a rope), akhada (traditional gym), Dhanur Vidya (archery), Dhyana (meditation), Veda parayana (Vedic chanting), Natya-Karnataka-Sangeeta-Shilpa-Chitra Kala (all forms of traditional performing arts and fine arts), vakyartha sadas (spiritual discussions for life solutions), puja vidhi (worship and rituals) Paka shastra (cooking), Sanskrit, and lifestyle as per the Agama Shastra.

  • Whole-brain and stress-free learning. No addictions, violence, or aggression.

  • 50% of children are at 1 to 4 years ahead of their grades, giving their Class X Board Exams before 15 years.

  • 35% of children have IQ scores above 130 – ‘gifted’ category as per SLOSSON IQ score.

  • Quantum memory activation is recalling verbatim after a single hearing (called Eka-Santa-grahyam in the Vedic age)

  • Children are able to manifest the powers of sarvajnatva (all-knowing) and download any information.

  • Awakened yogic powers such as communicating and commanding Nature to cause rain, rose plants to drop thorns, etc.

  • 100% of children initiated into Third Eye AwakeningSM, showing high intelligence, blindfolded reading, X-ray vision, clairvoyance, and more.

  • Most children spontaneously play a wide range of musical instruments without any formal lessons.

  • Children are adept in creative temple arts like deity making, alankar (deity decoration), and making deity jewelry and art.

  • Children organize and conduct temple rituals around the year.

  • 1000s of children are taught through programs like Nithyananda E-gurukul (Online gurukul education), Nithyanandam for kids, and Inner awakening for kids worldwide.

  • India’s first-ever television show with daily spiritual debates and life solutions presented entirely by children!

SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam On Achievements