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Living Paramadvaitam

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Bhagavad Gita

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Guaranteed Solutions for Children

Guaranteed Solutions is a series of six volumes, covering ten lessons in each book. This series teaches children to unlock their energy centers to manifest Paramashiva and remain powerful in the outside world. The book contains several fun activities to help children easily understand these concepts. 

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Living Enlightenment for Children

Living Enlightenment is a book series that aims to teach children how to live a blissful life. This series has 16 books that cover topics like Comparison, Pain, Gratitude, and Enlightenment. Once completed, your child will be equipped with all the tools needed to manifest Paramashiva! 

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Bhagavad Gita for Children

Bhagavad Gita for children is the best way you can take the beautiful song of Lord Krishna to your children. Each chapter includes a verse with an explanation to help children understand the sacred secret that Lord Krishna has hidden in each verse. Every chapter is divided into several books, allowing you to gradually teach your child. 

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Four Tattvas for Children

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Living Paramadvaitam for children


Book 1

Living Paramadvaitam is a fantastic book that allows children to experience the highest truth of life in the most simplest way. In this book, you can find fun-filled activities, lessons on different topics and power manifestation techniques to manifest Paramashiva in your child. 

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States of Consciousness

The 25 states of consciousness an individual goes through and 11 dimensions of the Universe; listen. The modern-day so-called science is able to understand only 4 dimensions – Length, Breadth, Depth, Time. But the ancient science, the Sanatana Hindu Dharma, elaborately describes the 11 dimensions and the Beings exist in the 11 dimensions – Length, Breadth, Depth, Time, and Space. These are 5 unit dimensions and the permutation, a combination of that 5 – Length Breadth with Time Space, Breath Depth with Time Space, Length Depth with Time Space, the various permutation combinations of these 5 basic dimensions, form 11 dimensions of the Universe.


The 25 States of Consciousness

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