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Indian Gurukul, The Future Of Education


“I tell you it's only by Education you keep yourself alive!”
~SPH Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam


"Whether others educate you or you educate yourself if you plan everything based on the best for you it is called specialization. The Gurukul ambiance is for specialization, not for generalization.

Gurukul education constantly develops along with the changes in trends and new research. Contemporary education is becoming redundant and no longer can students connect the theory they study at school to practical life.

What is supposed to be education? Educating a child to manifest whatever he is capable of and being the best, most beautiful, and best-contributing citizen in the world. That's all is the purpose of education.

That is why The Balasanths of Nithyananda Gurukul get trained in real-world projects. They run sub-companies within the Adhinam and make decisions at the top in alignment with Swamiji's vision for the world.

Swamiji awakens subtle grooves and non-mechanical parts of the student's brain. This enhances the brain and allows students to reach their true potential. Students have conflict-free and stress-free living embedded into their consciousness.

The Gurukul is the only solution that will give the younger generation a vision and passion to run an exciting and meaningful life."


108 Reasons for you to Join Nithyananda Gurukul!