Miraculous Testimonials

Sri Nithya Parameshananda

"I was six years old then and I am going to explain how I broke my hand. One day during my holidays, I went to my friend’s house in the aadheenam. I was sitting on the corner of a plastic chair, lost my balance and fell off with such force, that I broke my hand.

I went up to the third floor to our apartment, in the aadheenam and told my mom that my hand was disconnected. I was not crying. I was just focusing on the pain.

My dad and mom rushed me to Swamiji and told Him that I had broken my hand. Swamiji immediately asked an assistant to call an ambulance and take me to the hospital. In the hospital, they took me to the operation theater and I was in the hospital for four days and then came back home."

Paramesha’s testimonial as a 6 year old child talking about that incident


Ma Nithya Shivayogananada

"using the powers of her third eye, cracked a coconut."

A Magnificient Revelation by Kalabhairava himself

Q -How does the footprint appear, inside the skull of the burnt Dalai Lama? Does any other master leave their body in the same way?

A. All the people who leave their body consciously, leave the body in the same way. If you shave your head I will show you my footprints on your head

"During an Akashic Readings session in Kodaikanal, the children of Kailasa’s Nithyananda Gurukul got an opportunity to ask their questions to Kalabhairava. I asked Kalabhairava, “I heard that footprints appeared on the Dalai Lama’s skull, showing the directions to the next Dalai Lama. What is the science and the reason behind this?’ Kalabhairava replied, ‘All enlightened beings and incarnations, leave their body in this way only. Shave your head, I will show you my footprints!’ When I shaved my head, I found that, indeed there was a clear mark of footprints on the crown of my head! There was no way anyone could have seen that other than Kalabhairava himself!"

– Sri Nithya Sundareshwarananda
Age 12 (at the time of the incident)