Daily Schedule


Experience of the Gurukul: Saakshi Pramana

To give the gurukul students the most complete experience, closest to his own golden childhood, Paramahamasa Nithyananda has personally designed every detail of the Nithyananda Gurukul. Starting from how they wake up in the morning, to the way they sleep at night, they are being aligned toward a higher purpose of life. Their minds and bodies are being made perfect for expressing the state of Sadashiva, of manifesting immense shakti, or power.

Aligning the Body and Mind

Why do we do we follow the morning routine?

Early morning, 4:30 when you get up, and pour cold water on you, and finish the pancha kriya, go and sit in front of that Shiva Linga. Sit and connect with Sadāshiva:

“Oh Sadāshiva I know you are the Source of everything. You are everything and you are in this Linga. You are in this body. You are the source for both. Let me connect with you. Let you reveal yourself to me. Let me be in the Bhāva Samādhi of You, Shivoham.”

When you sit in that Bhāva, and do action of Rudrabishekam. Bhāva Samādhi becomes possibility. I tell you, it is this Bhāva Samādhi, which is the juiciest moments of life. Until you experience this Bhāva Samādhi, only sex will be the juiciest point in life, juiciest experience in your life, you will running only after that.

Only Bhāva Samādhis can give you the higher taste in life. Higher joy in life. Higher Consciousness in life. Then after that, whether you want to have a physical joys or don’t want to have is up to you, but without having the Bhāva Samādhi if you're enjoying only the physical pleasures, it will be so suffocating.

Bhava Samadhi- Embodied States of Consciousness- will awaken such amazing doors about life to you.

  • 5:00 AM:Nithyananda Yoga

    Yoga is an essential component of the daily morning routine. The series of asanas are personally pulled together by ancient scriptures such as the Yogapada in the Agama by Paramahamasa Nithyananda. The purpose of the yoga practice is to align the body to the Bhava Samadhi it will feel during the daily morning paduka puja that students offer at 7:00 AM
  • 7:00 AM:Guru and Shiva Puja

    As explained by Paramahamsa Nithyananda, puja is the fastest way to simply fall into the space of Bhava Samadhi, the sweet space of feeling connection to your guru. This process naturally establishes one into Bhava Samadhi as the context from which all subsequent actions are taken.
  • 7:30 AM:Nithya Keerthan

    Sattvik Ananda means – any activity which comes by non-violence, the joy which comes by the activity of non-violence. A joyful person will be always highly efficient and highly integrated. When that pitta layer is broken, cleaned, the person will not believe the imagined suffering and pain is part of their reality, so they will not adopt non-integrity as a strategy for their thinking. Understand. Your cognition about you is very important... because only based on what you think about you, you adopt strategies for your life. Understand, if at all we can add Sattvik Anandas to people’s life, the whole world will become integrated. When your brain does not have that coating of pitta, you will not believe suffering is your innate tendency and you will simply know the simple strategy for life is integrity. It is like how you breathe. Any Sattvik Ananda, bliss which comes by non-violent actions, melts down, tears down the pitta layer, makes you see life with larger vision. Happy people will be the most efficient people, most integrated people. Only a complete person’s body can be so alive. When your body is so alive and joyful and ecstatic, you are not hurting anybody in being joyful. You are not doing anything wrong and being joyful. You are joyful because Swamiji is here. They don't need much to be joyful, just few of my teeth and one thumbs-up, that’s all. Their ecstasy shoots up, skyrockets.
  • 8:00 AM Satsang

    “Even sitting with me and listening to all will be an entanglement – Shaktinipaata. You will manifest powers. You will start manifesting Sadashivoham powers. If you want to manifest more and more powers, come for every morning satsang. That’s it.” ~ Paramahamsa Nithyananda And, thus the Daily Routine incorporates different aspects of vedic studies and contemporary education, creating the world's best education to include the following:

thus the Daily Routine incorporates
different aspects of vedic studies and
contemporary education,
creating the world's best education
to include the following:

•   Yoga
•   Puja
•   Keertan
•   Morning Satsang (sharing clicks and Punch lines)
•   Bagashastra
•   Vedic Chanting
•   Social Media Training
•   Aagama and Shastra Classes
•   Sanskrit Classes
•   Manifestation of powers
•   Company building and leadership training
•   Abhishekam at the temple - 6 kala puja
•   Aakashik readings (physical and online)
•   Passion time (reading, art, dance, photography) - jewelry making
•   Vaakyartha Sadas
•   Subjects (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, etc.)
•   Avatar Darshans
•   Initiations
•   Mandala processes
•   Making alchemy products
•   Courtyard sessions with the Guru, the Avatar