Changing, Internalizing & Teaching

Chanting Sanskrit awakens the non-mechanical parts of the brain. The sound and the vibration created by these words awaken a large part of the brain. Scientific studies show that in the brains of Vedic pandits, there is an increase in the size of the part that stores long-term memories.

Chanting is one of the main aspects of learning in the life of a Balasanth. Their thought processes and thinking are inevitably higher and more advanced compared to the rest of the world."

"After chanting, the Vedas and the Upanishads are understood and
though various means such as YouTube videos, programs, talk shows, and more, the cognitions are spread to the world."

Shaivagama classes with Somashekara shivacharya

Vaakyaatha sadhas


Vaakyaartha Sadhas gives you a complete understandings on the greater truths of life. Not only that, every time when you keep these spiritual truths in your inner-space, analyze them, think about them, contemplate on them, every moment you spend on intranalyzing these great truths, your incompletions melt down, you are living Paramadvaitha. If you have some disease, you need to be told you have that disease. Only then will you understand the seriousness and start taking medication. Manana intranalyzing, is really important, because the life gets aligned to Living Paramadvaitha with Manana.


Vaakyaartha Sadhas.


Vaakyaartha Sadhas.

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