Gurukul Academics

Becoming a Super Hero

Everyone's dream, sometime in their life is to be a superhero and to be unique. And Swamiji's mission through the gurukul is to establish a new species of humans by awakening their third eye. Thus creating what society calls "super humans".

"I am looking at billions expanding their consciousness and having access to all the multi-dimensions of the universe. I am not looking for just some Guinness Records or Nobel Peace Prize or Nobel Prize and all that, I am looking at few billion people comfortably travelling through the 11 dimensions of the universe. It's Education that makes you a mystical being"

~ Paramahamsa Nithyananda


What sets The Nithyananda Gurukul apart from the rest?

The guru and visionary of the Gurukul is a living enlightened master who is an Avatar of lord sadashiva himself.

Quoting Swamiji “Education means constantly breaking your impossibilities,making all the best possibilities manifest.” At the gurukul apart from having the ability to live an extraordinary life with these powers, students are also trained to be able to handle any situation that life puts down in front of them. Every aspect of the student's life from the food to the cognition's they hold about life is aligned according to the Vedas and Agamas in order to make them into world leaders.


Contemporary modern education

To keep in touch with society today, contemporary modern education - GCSEs Edexcel is offered.

The IGCSE system is one of three international board exams for secondary school. It falls under the Edexcel exams, now known as PeARSON exams. It provides exams scaled up to a global standard.

Even this system is chosen specifically for the kids for two main reasons
- The ability to test beyond your age level
- Concept and application based exam questions

When a gurukul student introduces themselves during a power demonstration after stating their name, they will say, “I am 12 years old studying 12 grade” This kind of statement is commonplace in gurukul. Genius level thinking and immense maturity is a standard set by every gurukul student.

The ability to test beyond your age level is especially beneficial for a gurukul kid who is waiting to break through any boundary set in front of them. In 2014, 11/15 of the students who wrote their secondary exams were writing exams either 1, 2 or three years ahead of their age level. Ma Nithya Maheshwarananda and Sri Nithya Brahmasukhananda Maharaj both wrote three years ahead of their current grade.

Furthermore, most education nowadays is irrelevant to real life. Learning engineering in college is about twenty years behind what an individual would do in a job today. That is why concept and application based exam questions will make the subjects more relevant to life. Only then, for a kid who is able to grasp anything, their exams are not completely useless.

“All my Balasanths I relieve you from this torture. You do not need to learn anything which I cannot teach. I'll will teach you the very methodology of thought currents”
~Paramahamsa Nithyananda


Have a question? Google it!

Google Confidence - you just need to know where to find where to search what topic to search for running your life. Actually the education should be only one thing - Google Confidence thats all.” Old and redundant methods of learning are unheard in the Gurukul. The students use tablet computers and google to support their search for ultimate knowledge. The Gurukul is the most modernised yet traditionally rooted education system in the world, today.

“Our education should become internet-based. Classrooms, schools, infrastructures built for education - all of them are already redundant and irrelevant - you just need research institutes to feed Google and the knowledge of Google Confidence, Better search engines, Better keywords - that's it!” Literally the whole educational learning content can be just found in a 9.7 inch iPad - with just this simple tool of Google Confidence. Swamiji insists by saying “Instead of blaming Internet, Facebook, Youtube, Social media, absorb them, digest them into your life and make your life better by furthering the growth of the humanity. That's the only way to survive.”