Health and Medicine

In 2013, 16 newly admitted children had wheezing  inside the NithyanandaGurukul. Within a matter of a few months, after living in the breathing space of Sadashiva, their lungs each settled down in immense relief from the societal ties that caused irritation and swelling. Wheezing is now a very rare issue found in the gurukul.

Children are rarely sick on campus. If they do come down with a fever, within a matter of a few hours they are able to restore their health. Fever reducer, antibiotics and other allopathic medicine are in full stock in the adheenam and are likely to remain in full stock because they are rarely used. The gurukul kids have firm belief that their body is under their will. Sickness and health is within their control.

Even lifelong ailments like cases of power in the eyes are healed within weeks of joining Gurukul. 99% of the students are glasses free. It was perhaps one instruction from their guru.

“Remove your glasses. You’re my son. You don’t need those anymore”

And after that their ears and nose never bore the weight of that plastic.