Student Experiences

“When I started reading with my eyes closed I did not immediately start seeing like other kids. For me, it started mostly as an intuition. If the word was 'cat', I would start seeing a house and a cat licking a bowl of milk. So I would say it’s ‘milk’ or, I would say ‘cat’. I started getting many pictures like this. Slowly words started appearing in my 3rd eye. Now I can just visually see the words appear. If you show a sentence, it slowly starts forming, and then I would see it in my 3rd eye. So this is how it started. And now I see that even in my daily life I’m able to grasp things more easily. I’m able to see things with a whole new perspective itself”.

Sri Nithya Ajarananda, experience of manifesting reading blindfolded.

“I have had so many amazing experiences whenever Swamiji initiated us into powers like finding lost articles, body scanning, seeing distant objects, and seeing through walls. I am seeing much more than I can see with my two eyes. I experience immense bliss when I manifest powers. I don’t feel that there is a need or a reason to fake it. When I try, I always end up manifesting the power. When I close my eyes, I can see exactly what is in front of me or where a lost object is. I know that I can manifest all the powers of Paramashiva. I know that Swamiji is always with me and I can manifest anything I want.”

Ma Nithya Maheswarananda, Experience of Seeing Beyond Obstacles.

“ “I am adept at scanning bodies with my Third Eye. It is the most exciting power I have experienced and manifested. When I close my eyes, I can look through myself and other people. I can see the internal organs, diseases they have, and diseases that may develop in the future. When a person comes to me for scanning, I close my eyes, connect and be in the space of Paramashivoham. From that space, I scan the other person’s body. If the disease is diabetes, I see the pancreas is not functioning. I can see the sugar particles running in the blood. To this detail, I see and tell the person what their problem is. I can also see the solution to the problem. These Shaktis help me connect deeper and stronger with Paramashiva until I am Paramashiva.

Sri Nithya Tattvananda, Experience of Body scanning

It was the first time Swamiji had come to Gurukul to give us the Initiation for the power of Third Eye reading. After Swamiji left, we started the manifesting powers session. In a few minutes, I started seeing letters and numbers. Within 1 hour, I solved puzzles and played board games. Then next day, in the manifesting powers session in one and half hours, I started to read sentences and paragraphs. Soon enough, in 3 days, I was demo ready. Now, by the initiations that Swamiji has given me, I have been manifesting so many powers, and I have done over 500 demos all around the world.

Ma Nithya Madhurananda

Once, Swamiji, in a Satsang, was speaking about Powers. What Swamiji was saying was going beyond my head. After Satsang, Swamiji called all the Balasanths to His courtyard to initiate and awaken our Third Eye. After the initiation, We sat to manifest the power of blindfold reading. I tied my eyes, and my partner gave me a piece of paper with some alphabet. I read the alphabet on the paper with some mistakes. After a few tires, I remove my eye band. I was feeling bad. All the other Balasanths were reading through their third eyes. So I was very powerless for not reading through my third eye. My friend saw me and asked me what was going on with me. I told him what was happening to me. Then my friend explained to me how the manifestation of the third eye works. He said, having oneness with Swamiji is the key to manifesting anything in life. Then from that understanding, I started to manifest. I was able to read very clearly without any mistakes. My friends were clapping their hands. I felt very excited. Now I am manifesting many powers of Paramashiva.

Sri Nithya Shivatmananda, experience of manifesting powers

My first experience of manifesting powers was in the 10-day Nithyanandam for Kids program. On the first day, I was not reading through my third eye. I looked in and saw what was stopping me from manifesting. I found that it was due to fear I did not manifest. Then I completed and dropped the fear at Swamiji's feet. Suddenly I started reading through my 3rd eye. Now, I understand that the blindspot and incompletions we have inside are why we don't manifest life the way we want. Just having confidence in myself and connecting with Swamiji is all we need. Now I manifest body scanning, remote vision, materialization, and a long list of powers. I feel very happy and know that I can express all the powers. Swamiji, Thank You for giving me a wonderful experience.

Ma Nithya Karanananda

"My friend and I went for a power manifestation demonstration in a famous place in Bangalore, The Laal Baag Park. We were in the park at 7:00 AM had started with third eye reading. Only 20 to 30 people crowded at the spot. When we started with the body scanning and remote vision, about 50 people gathered. Suddenly a man joined the crowd. Stepping forward, he told us, "If your Guruji is great and your third eye is awakened scan my bag and tell me what is inside." At first, we were shocked. We had never tried this one. Then something stuck with me. Hey common, you are representing Swamiji here. It is Him who is manifesting through you. Why get scared? Come on, let's do this! Immediately I held my malas dollar tightly. Then Swamiji showed me a blue pen with a black cap, a bunch of keys, and some money tied with a green rubber band. The man opened his pouch in front of the crowd and clapped aloud. All 50-60 people who were present were stunned and loud clapped. This proved that Swamiji is always with me".

Ma Nithya Lokapriyananda -