What is Gurukul

ब्रम्हचारि ब्रम्ह भ्राजद्बिभर्ति तस्मिन्देवा अधि विश्वे समोताः।
प्राणापानौ जनयन्नद्वयानम् वाचं मनो हृदयं ब्रम्ह मेधम्॥

When the Brahmachari (the one on the path of living enlightenment) i.e. the student in the Gurukula acquires the Vedic learning through knowledge transmission (from the Guru), all good qualities fully absorb into him/her and he becomes resplendent. He reveals a perfect mastery of his inhalation and exhalation of the vital life energy airs in his person, good eloquence, a powerful mind, pure heart, true knowledge of God and Cosmos, and marvels in wisdom (of the science of superconsciousness).

Source- Atharva Veda, Kanda 11, Sukta 5, Mantra 24


Swamiji's message on What is Nithyananda Gurukul?

The Ancient Vedic Education

Gurukul is an ancient Vedic system of education

The term Gurukul is composed of two words: Guru (Master) and kul (home). In the Gurukul system of education, the pupil (Shishya) resides in the Guru’s home and learns from the Guru. In a Gurukul, irrespective of their background, pupils live together as equals and help in the day-to-day activities of the Gurukul. The children master all 64 Vidyas or types of knowledge in this course of time.

The Best Method Of Teaching - eN-Mentoring


Empowering Education

"The Gurukul functions according to Swamiji’s vision that, education is for life, but life itself is not for education.
The Gurukul brings to the world the right kind of education that empowers you. Children are initiated into the powers of Paramashiva, and all that needs to be learned is just downloaded by them."

“Understand, breaking restrictive patterns and making you manifest your ultimate reality is Sadashiva’s Education”.
~ SPH Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam."

"Gurukul is where the celebration begins with the right words in the blossoming minds creating a gateway of possibilities. Creating an enlightened civilization with yogic body and Vedic mind.”
~SPH Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam.

Nithyananda Gurukul is a mystical Vedic school established by SPH Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam. Here students live their highest potential and manifest various spiritual powers of Paramashiva.