Gurukul Kitchen

The Annalaya - Food for the soul

Organic, satvic food is one of the most valuable promises a school can make to a family. It is the foundation of a healthy life and unfortunately almost non-existent in world today. Inside India, there have been cases of finding brick dust in the chili powder and outside India, the atrocious treatment of cows for their milk and meat is sickening.

The produce used in the adheenam is assured from organic resources and the milk from the Goshala on campus. The diet is cooked according to Sadashiva’s own kitchen, as described in the Bhaga Shastra.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda says, “The whole food is designed in such a way, it awakens the Jataragni, means the fire which digests in your system. The whole food is designed to awaken the Jataragni, and when the jataragni is awakened, not only what you eat is digested, even the fat which you collected gets digested.”