The New Species
2017 Jayanthi Message 


Paramahamsa Nithyananda delivered a shocking message on his Jayanthi day in 2017, that promises the world an unventured feat.

This whole year is all about making new species. What Vivekananda visualized, Yogananda yearned, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi tried, Aurobindo worked, by the grace of Sadāshiva, it is already reality. It is already reality. Navatma Vikratis are here. I will  prove the new species medically, scientifically. The beings I am producing by manifesting powers are literally new spiritual beings. It is not just evolved or grown - they are  NEW. You will see their strand of DNA, which is completely alien, which is completely new. Non-recorded, non-observed, non-documented. Completely new, which can be programmed just by Will, and soon, very soon all this paperwork, the research work, will be presented in front of you, hoping we will do it in this year itself, because now we have enough specimens, New Species.

 “Oh humanity, I am ready with the science, come, become new, evolve to the next level. This clarion call is my message for the humanity this year on 2017 January 1st.”

The way the powers are manifesting and the way the new species are responding it is not only exciting to them, it is exciting for me. This Bengaluru Aadheenam is a place for creating new species. It is not just a place where yoga and meditation are taught. Here new life is grown. New species are grown. Most sacred work is happening in this campus in the whole Universe.

The days are over, where Living Enlightenment and Radiating Enlightenment used to be the message for the years. Now those days look far once upon a time, where the messages are about words and new truths, concepts, theories. People trying to experience, catch up with some satori, some Kundalini Awakening. It is time. Till now, I have not opened the suitcase I brought, only the feet dust. The dust of my padukas have been used to identify and brand me. Now this year I am opening my suitcase. New Species are the first product I am taking out of my suitcase. In a way, I am starting the mission only now. What for I came I am starting only now.